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WWFiS in Biala Podlaska

A turning point in a scientific and cultural life of Biała Podlaska was the establishment of the Higher Teacher Training Centre as the Branch of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University. Issued on the basis of the order of the Minister of Education on 3rd April 1969, the Centre offered 3 types of courses: Physical Education with Primary Teaching, Primary Teaching with Physical Education and Primary Teaching with Practical – Technical Classes. 120 students attended the courses under the supervision of 17 academic teachers. The first Head of the Centre was doc. dr Władysław Romanowski.
Throughout 40 years of its existence, the Centre has undergone many organisational changes, yet since 1970 it has been an integral part of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, adopting the name of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biała Podlaska.

Apart from didactic functions (education of students), a lot of research concerning the problems of physical education is done at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biała Podlaska. It results in a lot of publications. For a number of years our Faculty has edited many monographic works as well as ‘the Scientific Yearbook’. Moreover, student scientific societies are developing rapidly, which results in winning many prizes and awards at national and international conferences.
The first and foremost role at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biała Podlaska is played by the library and the scientific information point. The library has gathered approximately 100,000 volumes concerning the field of physical education, humanism, science and sociology. All the materials are easily available thanks to technologically advanced devices.

As for the scientific information, it functions with the help of a computer system ISIS. Two databases have been elaborated, i.e. DOK – containing and filing materials concerning physical education and related sciences, and MGR – registering master theses. The scientific information point is also responsible for preparing thematic lists and giving access to foreign databases form the EBSCO Service. All the library collections are in a computer base. It must be said that both the library and the scientific inormation point work in a modern way.
For many years the Faculty has been in contact with many foreign universities from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Portugal, Hungary and others. As a part of the so-called ‘visiting professor’ programme, a lot of professors from foreign universities gave lectures at the Faculty.

In the years 1969 – 2011 the following persons ran the Faculty of Physical Education: doc. dr Władysław Romanowski, doc. dr Erazm Wasilewski, doc. dr Antoni Olszowski, doc. dr hab. Jacek Zieliński, doc. dr Teresa Raczkowska – Bekiesi?ska, doc. dr hab. Maria Makowska, prof. Ryszard Cieśliński, prof. Jerzy Sadowski.


 The Faculty of Physical Eucation in Biała Podlaska boasts a still growing number of academic teachers and scientists. In the year 1970 the staff consisted of 38 teachers, most of whom commuted from Lublin and Warsaw. In 2011 there were almost 150 academic teachers, including 15 ordinary professors, 17 extraordinary professors, 7 readers, 38 senior lecturers, 57 lecturers, 3 assistants and 4 teachers of foreign languages.

An important part of the university life is sport. In November 1969 the University Club AZS was created, with Msc Józef Starzy?ski as its manager. In 1974 the name of the club was changed into the Labour – Academic Sports Club (RAKS). Currently the name is the Sports Club AZS – AWF Biala Podlaska, and its chairman is mgr Mariusz Lichota. These days there are 7 sports sections, including the 1st league athletics, weightlifting, gymnastics and acrobatics. Many sportsmen of the AZS – AWF have been members of the Polish national teams e.g. for the Olympic Games.



 Apart from sports activities, our faculty focuses on working with children and the youth, teaching and developing physical education staff, participating in activities of socio-political organisations and local governments, as well as taking part in cultural – artistic events. It is worth mentioning that our Student Folk and Dance Group ‘Podlasie’ gained fame in Poland and in the world performing in more than 100 countries.

The authorities of Biala Podlaska Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, together with the whole academic society, have recently taken steps necessary to extend Tourism and Recreation studies to a master’s degree. Also, Physiotherapy was launched as a new course. In addition, the Faculty has developed in the area of teaching, science, sport and culture. A lot of effort has been made to improve its facilities, as a result of which it has become one of the best universities in Poland.

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