Foreign students

Foreign students

Dear Student,

We are delighted you to decide to take part in ERASMUS+ programme.
Welcome and thank you for choosing Poland and our Faculty of Physical Education and Health in Biala Podlaska. We are the part of the Józef Pilsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw.
As an Erasmus+ student in our country, you are about to embark on one of the most exciting times in your academic career. We have no doubts you are excited about the adventures and challenges that lie ahead.
The educational offer for you at our University includes the two modules. The main purpose of Module 1 is to prepare students to gain knowledge in the field of the theory of teaching and learning complex motor skills, and to learn the technique of basic skills and rules of different kinds of games, and to provide strength, power and flexibility training guidelines for physically active people. The main purpose of Module 2 is to equip with the necessary knowledge and skills to use of optimal and appropriate methods, forms in outdoor and indoor functional training for people of all ages and to introduce students to the practices of conscious movement including yoga, Somatic Movement Education, and Mindfulness elements, as alternative models of health education and promotion, encompassing the holistic view on health and well-being. Additionally, the Module 2 is to acquire knowledge and skills in the basics of physiotherapy and the use of selected elements in sport for everyone etc.
In order to meet the requirements of the Erasmus + programme we also offer a Polish language course.
So, if you miss home, we will promise to do all our best you to make yourself at home in Poland, in Biala Podlaska. Except the study, you will get familiar with our rich history, tradition and culture (course in Module 2: “Get to our region”), and you will experience our Polish hospitality, make lasting friendship and pick up some our language as well.
We deeply hope you will enjoy your stay in our town at our Faculty.
If you have any questions about studying at our Faculty, please contact our Erasmus+ coordinator, Małgorzata Charmas, PhD, e-mail:

We are looking forward you…
Authorities, teachers and other workers

Ps. Below you can check our educational offer in detail.

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